Wagerworks Casinos

Wagerworks is of the few casino software companies to have its roots in the land-based casino arena as they were a part of the Silicon Gaming company which was a manufacturer of slots to many land based casinos. Wagerworks became a fully independent company as Silicon Gaming merged with an even bigger company, and this is when They recognized the massive potential of online gambling as they started to delve into the creation of software that was known for its richness in graphics and accuracy of payouts.

Wagerworks Casinos are know for having some of the most unique casino games in the industry as Wagerworks itself has routinely secured licensing to some of the most well know brand names in the casino industry. So lets take a look at some of the latest big name casino games that they have secured.

They newest casino game is is called Transformer – Ultimate Payback and in this online 5 reel slot game the the mystery symbols start to transform and can multiply your winnings many fold and the top payout is 250,000 credits . In this Wagerworks Casino game there is definatly more then meets the eye. This is just one example of how Wagerworks keenly secured the right to this game and it has become a favorite among gamblers and online casino owners themselves.

Wagerworks also have secured deals to offer its software to some of the biggest online casinos such as 888 which consists of a large network of casinos such as Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker which is one of the larger well known online poker sites on the net. Bet365 is another casino that uses their software in its casinos which have a whopping 2 million customer who reside all over the globe as they are also in the top 20 UK based private companies. They also have one of the largest network of progressive jackpots called MegaJackPots in which they have 3 primary games: Cluedo, Monopoly and Cleopatra where the progressive jackpots regularly number over the 2 million dollar range.

They have developed their software to integrate easily with the different online payment systems that most gamblers use today such as VISA and Mastercard, Debit, NETeller and many other big names, so depositing and waithdrawing is very quick and easily trackable by both the casino and their patrons. The interfaces of the casino software can operate in most …

RTG Casinos

If there is one thing that gamblers enjoy more then anything else it is to be able to withdraw their winnings and get it as fast as possible. RTG casinos are known for producing great casino software which allows lightning fast transactions across its gambling platform. RTG casinos also are know for having some of the best customer service in the world as you can reach their support team 24/7 either by phone, email or live chat. RTG is no slouch either as they have been providing software to the top online casinos since the late 1980’s

Their software platform is among the safest in the world as it is routinely tested for security encryption by independent testing companies. Their portfolio is a good sized one that consists of over 100 games , plus they also have a network of games that are pooled together as a network that allow gamblers the chance to win millions by hitting the progressive jackpot. Their software gives you a choice of playing their games through the download option which gives you access to all the bells and whistles that only downloadable games can give you or you can opt for their java based no download games which are a bit more simple in graphics but offer you the speed of being able to play instantly.

If you are worried about the safety of your transactions through their online casinos you should know that their funding and banking transactions are always available to you through the internationally recognized leader in safety Verisign which will allow you to be able to view your account history their their gaming lobby. Nothing is left to chance as you can gamble stress free knowing that your account is safe from hacking and in secure hands.

Another thing that RTG casinos are known for is offering some very hefty welcome bonuses and one prime example of this is Slots Oasis which offers an amazing 400% match welcome bonus that has a total value of up to $4,000 and you can use this bonus to play any of their games. Another great casino that uses the RTG gaming software is called Lucky18 Casinos and they have a great casino bonus valued at up to $1,800 and this bonus comes in 3 phases which teh first one is a 100% complete match bonus for a whopping $1000, then they will also …

Playtech Casinos

If I am looking for an online casino to gamble at I would want it to have the most secure software that is very hard to break into. I would also want the graphics to be on the cutting edge and the speed of play to either be up to par or even faster than most of the other top internet casino gambling software. Playtech has been making gambling software for the last 10 years and and are big enough to trade on the London Stock Exchange.They are also based very close to Microgaming (another top of the line online casino software company) in the Isle of Man. They have the versatility to either offer a software solution to online gambling companies who allready have casino gambling software of their to help augment their casinos or they if you have a brand new online casino they can also customize nea casino software that will be tailored to the casinos needs.The reason why they can do so many things is the size of their staff which is almost 575 employees and most of these employees are employed in the research and development level, and they also have the responsibility to develop new technologies to be used in their software for the future.

In addition to have one of the largest numbers of research and development employee count and some of the brightest minds in the industry, Playtech casinos also offer all of the bells and whistles commonly found at the top online gambling sites, such as dowloadable casino software and instant play (flash) casino games which can be played without the need of downloading any software to their PC because they are browser based games. They are also known to have developed some of the best 3D effects in the industry. Their engineers and software developers are always trying to be ahead of their time and it shows in their casino software which seems to come to life when you are gambling at one of their casinos.

One of their greatest creations in the industry are their Live gaming products which bring the casino to you as you will be playing at one of a few of their dealer centers in europe and asia as you willbe interacting live with actual dealers and other players around the world through an advanced video stream which seems like you are actually playing at …

Online Casino Bonuses

One of the main reasons that many gamblers around the globe are turning to gambling online as opposed to land-based casinos are the incredible casino bonuses that they offer. The reason why internet casinos can do this is because their operating expenses are much lower then the casinos in for example Las Vegas or Atlantic City and can afford to throw away some money to insure that they grab you away from a competing casino. With this in mind you must be able to learn quickly how to be able to tell which bonuses are really th best ones for you. In this informational article we will take a look at some of the popular casino bonuses that are currently being marketed by the top casinos.

The first type of casino bonus is called the no deposit bonus where the casino will offer you a small amount to gamble with with no obligation to signup and deposit. Typically this amount is between $10 and $20 so if on a rare occasion you find an online casino that gives you between $50 and $75 to use their casino you should grab it in an instant because they do not have these kinds of deals going year round. Just make sure that you can withdraw your winnings at anytime.

The second type of casino bonus is called the Welcome Bonus or Signup Bonus and in this type the casino will offer to match you at a certain percentage of your first deposit. Usually they will match you 100% match up to between $100 and $200 . Lets say you decide to signup with an online casino and you decide that your first deposit will be 200 dollars. If the casino has a 100% match up to a limit of $200 then they will add $200 to your account on top of your original 200 dollar deposit. While this may be a great initial bonus you can actually find casinos that will offer you even more. Some of them will actually offer to match you 100% on your first 3 deposits . They aren’s easy to find but we review quite a few of them on our website, so keep an eye out for them here and dont hesitate to sign up with them.

Of all the casino bonuses out there the one i love the most is the casino rewards bonus or …

Microgaming Casinos

Online gambling has rocketed on the scene during the last decade in which online casinos were experiencing triple digit growth as people found that internet gambling was a hassle free alternative to land-based casinos.

As the sector grew so did the development of casino software. These days gamblers are always looking for the best, cutting edge casino software and one of the top companies over the last few years has been Microgaming. Microgaming has an impressive list of 120 of the most trust online casinos that use its software, and if all of these casinos are comfortable using their software then that says alot.

Microgaming also has a history of good ethics in the online gambling industry as it was also one of the founders of the top online casino watch-group called eCOGRA. They are a non profit organization that reviews online casinos and helps to make sure that they are staying fair with their gamblers, and they are eCOGRA will give them its seal of approval.

Microgaming has created 2 types of casino software for their games and they are the web-based games and the downloadable casino software. With the webbased games you do not need to download anything and you can play games instantly off of your web browser. With the downloadable games you need to download their software which could take a little time but the difference is you get teh casino games with awesome graphics. The newest downloadable software is called Viper.

Microgaming software are known for routinely giving away some of the largest jackpots in the world and in mid 2009 Microgaming announced to the world annoinced one of the biggest jackpots ever won online and it was through one of their online games which was the Mega Moolah Progressive online slot machine, as one gambler hit the huge progressive jackpot to the tune of over 6.3 million euros. This made headlines across the globe as it caused many more gamblers to search out for other Microgaming progressive online slots as they were steadily gaining a reputation for giving out big winnings. They also offer some of the best casino bonuses online as you can almost always get a 100% match on your first deposit when gambling at an online casino that uses Microgaming software, plus their interface has made depositing and withdrawing a seamless task.

Microgaming also is known in the online poker world …

Cryptologic Casinos

Cryptologic sure has come a long way from being founded by 2 guys in their parents garage in 1995 and has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected casino software making in the world. They have some of the most realistic virtual casinos that you can find online. Cryptologic brings 2 types of games to their clients and gamblers. The first one is their instant-play non dowloadable games which are in java or Flash, and their graphics are much better then most web browser based casino games. The second type of games that they offer are the downloadable casino games software which gives many more features then the java based games such as better graphics and faster speed of play as well as a look and feel of being in a land-based casino. The bonus option they have in some of their games is called the “turbo mode” feature and the beauty of this feature is that it was made for players that love their games at a much faster speed. When you are playing in turbo mode , you will be able to play many hands at one time without taking a breather. This special feature that is built into Cryptologic Casinos is only made for the more advanced players that have had many years of experience playing many hands in online gambling.

Cryptologic casinos also have a very good network of progressive jackpots across most of their online gambling games. They also have one of the most realistic life play tournaments in which gamblers can compete against other gamblers from around the globe with real dealers in the look and feel of being in a real casino gambling. They have also adapted their Casino software to handle a variety of transactions in many different currencies around the world, plus they have also programmed their games for you to be able to play them in almost any major language. Their first successful casino licensee many years back was for Inter Casino and after that was all uphill for Cryptologic as their very realistic casino software and ease of use became an instant hit with online gamblers worldwide.

Another great feature of Cryptologic casinos is that they have some of the best average payouts per Casino and they have routinely had an average payouts of 98% across the board on most of their casinos, so you know …