Cryptologic Casinos

Cryptologic sure has come a long way from being founded by 2 guys in their parents garage in 1995 and has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected casino software making in the world. They have some of the most realistic virtual casinos that you can find online. Cryptologic brings 2 types of games to their clients and gamblers. The first one is their instant-play non dowloadable games which are in java or Flash, and their graphics are much better then most web browser based casino games. The second type of games that they offer are the downloadable casino games software which gives many more features then the java based games such as better graphics and faster speed of play as well as a look and feel of being in a land-based casino. The bonus option they have in some of their games is called the “turbo mode” feature and the beauty of this feature is that it was made for players that love their games at a much faster speed. When you are playing in turbo mode , you will be able to play many hands at one time without taking a breather. This special feature that is built into Cryptologic Casinos is only made for the more advanced players that have had many years of experience playing many hands in online gambling.

Cryptologic casinos also have a very good network of progressive jackpots across most of their online gambling games. They also have one of the most realistic life play tournaments in which gamblers can compete against other gamblers from around the globe with real dealers in the look and feel of being in a real casino gambling. They have also adapted their Casino software to handle a variety of transactions in many different currencies around the world, plus they have also programmed their games for you to be able to play them in almost any major language. Their first successful casino licensee many years back was for Inter Casino and after that was all uphill for Cryptologic as their very realistic casino software and ease of use became an instant hit with online gamblers worldwide.

Another great feature of Cryptologic casinos is that they have some of the best average payouts per Casino and they have routinely had an average payouts of 98% across the board on most of their casinos, so you know …