Playtech Casinos

If I am looking for an online casino to gamble at I would want it to have the most secure software that is very hard to break into. I would also want the graphics to be on the cutting edge and the speed of play to either be up to par or even faster than most of the other top internet casino gambling software. Playtech has been making gambling software for the last 10 years and and are big enough to trade on the London Stock Exchange.They are also based very close to Microgaming (another top of the line online casino software company) in the Isle of Man. They have the versatility to either offer a software solution to online gambling companies who allready have casino gambling software of their to help augment their casinos or they if you have a brand new online casino they can also customize nea casino software that will be tailored to the casinos needs.The reason why they can do so many things is the size of their staff which is almost 575 employees and most of these employees are employed in the research and development level, and they also have the responsibility to develop new technologies to be used in their software for the future.

In addition to have one of the largest numbers of research and development employee count and some of the brightest minds in the industry, Playtech casinos also offer all of the bells and whistles commonly found at the top online gambling sites, such as dowloadable casino software and instant play (flash) casino games which can be played without the need of downloading any software to their PC because they are browser based games. They are also known to have developed some of the best 3D effects in the industry. Their engineers and software developers are always trying to be ahead of their time and it shows in their casino software which seems to come to life when you are gambling at one of their casinos.

One of their greatest creations in the industry are their Live gaming products which bring the casino to you as you will be playing at one of a few of their dealer centers in europe and asia as you willbe interacting live with actual dealers and other players around the world through an advanced video stream which seems like you are actually playing at …